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Refund Policy


1. Consensual cancellation of the transaction is available within 20 minutes from the moment of registration of the transaction. The buyer is returned the full amount of the payment, taking into account the commission of and the commission previously collected by PayPal or Stripe payment systems. In this case, neither party will receive a negative review.


2. If the freelancer and the buyer cannot reach a common agreement and cannot resolve a dispute on their own, they can apply to the Wokfacile Court.


3. If within 24 hours of placing the Order The Freelancer has not received the necessary materials for the work from the buyer and is unable to contact him, the freelancer can appeal to the Court of Workfacile. The site administration will provide the customer with the additional 24 hours, so that he can provide the necessary materials to the freelancer. If the materials are not provided, the order will be closed in favor of the freelancer without any refund to the buyer.


4. Any cancellation of the transaction, with the exception of the cancellation described in Paragraphs 1. e 3 (p. 1. it is on the individual assessment by the administration), leads to a negative assessment. The offer of the service drops in the search results. The more waste there will be, the lower the score will become and as a result there will be fewer orders and visits to the profile. A negative rating will affect the level assigned to the freelancer and the user's rewards.


5. The service, transactions for which are canceled 3 times in a row, is automatically disabled. The freelancer can reactivate it, however, if the order is canceled again, the service is deactivated for 30 days. If after these 30 days the order is canceled again, the service will be completely removed from the platform.


6. If the Freelancer does not contact within the time specified in the description of the service, the transaction for this service will be automatically canceled in favor of the Buyer and the Freelancer will receive a negative rating for the cancellation of the order.


7. Once the freelancer marks the order as completed, the buyer has 72 hours to check the work, accept it or return it for a review. If within 72 hours the customer has not made a decision on the work done, the order will be accepted automatically and the payment will be transferred to the freelancer.


8. The buyer, after confirmation and acceptance of the work done, has the additional 48 hours, to be able to definitively make sure that the work has been performed correctly and does not need any modification. If the freelancer does not respond to change requests, the buyer can contact customer service. If the site administration establishes that there are really discrepancies in the work done with the description of the service, and the order requires a review, the administration will require you to make changes to the Freelance.


9. The administration does not cancel orders based on the customer's personal taste. Before buying a service, the buyer should look at the reviews and examples of the work of the freelancer. The buyer must carefully read the description of the service provided by The Freelancer and deliver to him all the information and materials necessary to complete the service. The freelancer is not required to perform the work not indicated in the description of his service.


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