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Platform Rules

For the convenience of users, the Rules for Canceling Transactions and Returning Funds page is displayed on the Terms of Use page.

1. Any adult can become a user. In order to start using the project, you need to register using an e-mail or an account of any social network.

2. It is forbidden to duplicate accounts, such accounts will be deleted.

3. When registering on the site, each user chooses a username independently, but it is forbidden to use obscene language and other words that may cause a negative reaction from users. The administration has the right to make changes to such usernames.

4. The user is fully responsible for the materials posted on the site, up to full compensation for damage caused to the service in the event of claims of the copyright holders to the site

5. The administration is not responsible for the damage caused by the contractor to personal data, files, site content and other materials. Users are responsible for checking all transmitted files for viruses and malware. The site administration is not responsible for any damage caused by the transfer of such files.

6. The administration is not responsible for the quality of the services performed and does not provide compensation if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the service performed.

7. It is forbidden to use obscene language and switch to insults. The administration is not responsible for the moral damage caused, but it has the right to block or delete the account of such a user.

8. It is prohibited to place unauthorized advertising or materials that will negatively affect the company's face, violate the law or someone's copyright. The administration has the right to remove all material that violates the rules or the law, as well as to block or delete the account of such a user.

9. It is prohibited to post any services with an offer to cheat visits, likes, subscribers, views, and other things.

10. If the account is hacked by intruders, spam is sent from it, or suspicious activity is noticed, the administration blocks the account for the time of clarification of the circumstances.

11. All disputes are resolved by correspondence with the project support service.

12. If the contractor regularly receives orders for published services and, as a result, a stable income — he must independently obtain the appropriate legal status of an individual entrepreneur (IE) and pay taxes within the framework of his legislation.

13. The user undertakes not to post on the project links leading to external sites. It is also prohibited to exchange personal contacts with other users, correspondence and communication is carried out directly on the site

14. Users who participate in the partner program and various promotions are obliged to place any kind of advertising information, banners or links in the correct form, the pages must be working and active, without hidden redirects and iframes.

15. By registering on the site, the user agrees to the storage, use and processing of their data and to receive newsletters from

Rules for working on

1. — this is a platform for users to place their services.

2. In one service, the contractor can include any amount of work that he will perform for a fixed amount of 500 rubles.

2.1. The service is the amount of work that the contractor performs remotely. All services on the project are divided into categories and subcategories.

2.2. The service is created by the contractor from his personal page in the service creation form.

2.3. The services on the project are published free of charge.

2.4. Each service is reviewed by moderators and can be edited, rejected or deleted if the service does not comply with or violates the terms of use of the project.

2.5. The Contractor has the right to edit, suspend or delete its services in the list of services in its personal account.

2.6. The Contractor may add additional options to the service, which it will sell together with it for an additional fee.

3. Each registered user of the project can be both a performer and a customer.

3.1. The contractor is a user of the site, which independently publishes its services in the public domain on the site at a price of 500 rubles, plus additional options, the price for which the contractor specifies independently. The services are performed by the contractor. 1% of the project commission will be deducted from the final transaction amount

3.2. The customer is a user of the site who orders the execution of the necessary services from the performers at a fixed price of 500 rubles and additional options for a fee, provides the materials necessary for the execution of the order and receives the work performed. The customer also pays a 1% commission from the total amount for using the service

4. All orders, payments, and negotiations between performers and customers are conducted within the project

4.1. To purchase a service, the customer selects the desired service and the options available within it and clicks the "Order" button.

4.2. You can pay for the order from the balance on the website or in any of the following ways:

with the help of electronic wallets WebMoney, Yandex, Qiwi, ;
bank cards Visa, MasterCard, Alfa-Bank, Maestro;
from the phone balance of MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele 2 and “sms to short number " operators”;

4.3. The funds are frozen and transferred to the contractor only after the customer confirms the execution of the order.

4.4. The contractor's account receives an amount equal to the order amount at the time of payment, taking into account the internal dollar exchange rate and taking into account the 1% commission charged.

4.5. The earned funds become available for withdrawal two days (2 days) after the service is completed and confirmed by the customer. Withdrawal of funds is carried out at the request of the user to e-wallets WebMoney, Paypal, QIWI-wallet or bank cards. Withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours on business days.

4.6. The Customer or the Contractor has the right to cancel the order by mutual consent within 24 hours from the date of registration of the transaction. In this case, the customer is refunded the entire amount to the balance, including the commission, except for the previously charged commission of the payment systems Unitpay, PayPal and Webmoney. At the same time, none of the parties will receive a negative review.

4.7. If the work does not correspond to the description of the service or is not completed, the customer has the right to request changes.

4.8. Disputes and disagreements are resolved between the contractor and the customer through correspondence in the order or through arbitration.

4.9. Payment for services, personal correspondence, discussion of the order is carried out only within the project We do not accept any responsibility for the damage caused for transactions made outside the project Users who violate this clause of the agreement will be blocked and their accounts will be deleted.

4.10. Attempts to cancel a transaction through a payment system or a bank card provider are considered fraud. The accounts of users suspected of such activities will be blocked. All issues and disputes are regulated by contacting the arbitration department on the website

4.11. If the contractor did not manage to complete the order within the time specified by him for the execution of the order, the Administration may grant him an additional 48 hours to present the results of the work to the customer, or cancel the order with the consent of the Customer, and return the paid funds to the customer's account.

5. Each performer on the iKwork project has their own personal rating, which can go up and down.

5.1. The rating of the performer is displayed in the form of the number of stars and depends on the number of positive or negative reviews. Customers can leave feedback to the contractor after the order is completed. Moderators can edit or delete reviews that are not related to the service performed, contain profanity, contradict content, or in any way violate the site's rules.

5.2. The contractor's refusal to fulfill the order without a valid reason negatively affects the rating.

5.3. The assigned level of the contractor depends on the quantity and quality of the services performed. Some levels are assigned exclusively by the administration

5.4. The “PRO " badge is assigned to the service if it is unique in its category, has positive reviews and the highest score, the minimum bounce rate and is active for at least 30 days on the project.

6. Dispute resolution is carried out according to the following rules:

6.1. If the contractor and the customer are unable to resolve the dispute on their own, they may apply to arbitration for consideration of the dispute.

6.2. To apply to arbitration for a dispute, you need to click on the link " Contact Support” and fill out the ticket form. This link appears on the service order page. You can also apply to arbitration from your personal account on the “Support "page — open a new ticket to the "Disputes" department.

6.3. The request to resolve the disputed issue is accepted and resolved by the competent project staff The decision is made within 48 hours on business days.

6.4. Employees (arbitrators) examine all materials, correspondence within the order, contact both users, and learn objective information about the service from other sources.

6.5. The arbitrators evaluate the compliance of the work performed with the description stated in the service and do not evaluate the creative component of the order execution.

6.6. The order is considered not fulfilled if the contractor has not provided a report or the final result of the work and the customer can not verify it in any way.

The terms and conditions of use of the service are published on the website and can be changed by the administration without special notification to users.

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