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The Ekvarta service is a new approach to buying and selling services and digital goods online. Now, if you want to order a service or monetize your skills, it's much easier, faster, and safer to do so.

What features does the Ekvarta website offer?

We have created an online platform where customers and service providers can find each other and make deals without risking anything and without spending a lot of time.

Customers do not need to search for specific exchanges and questionable groups in social networks. Our website has an impressive catalog, where you can see detailed information about the services and products themselves, as well as about those who offer them. If you have not found the service you need, you can create an order yourself and the performers will offer you options for solving your problem.
Performers (freelancers) do not need to spend a lot of time and money on the portfolio and promotion of their pages. You add your services and products to the catalog and customers find them themselves by contacting you with an order.

In both cases, the Ekvarta service acts as a guarantor. We make sure that the information on the site and in the catalog of services is accurate, the services are performed on time, and the money earned by freelancers is paid without delay.

Ekvarta service guarantees for customers and performers

Using our service, you can not worry about anything:

The interface is optimized to make it easy for you to communicate with the counterparty.
Services and products are divided into categories and ordered. You can filter them by cost and other parameters.
The money is guaranteed to be paid to the performers if the work is completed, and it is also guaranteed to be returned to the customer's account if any problems arise.

By default, the price of services is 500 rubles. Performers can set their own price based on the principles of fair competition. Many services can be offered in several versions, with different prices, and may also contain additional options.

We work in all areas of modern freelancing

The Ekvarta website is a universal platform where services and digital goods are bought and sold in a wide variety of areas:

Create websites and applications of any type and any level of complexity.
SEO-optimization, search engine promotion and attracting traffic to the site.
Contextual advertising, mailing lists, marketing, promotion in social networks.
Graphics and design-create and process images of any complexity and purpose.
Processing of audio and video materials.
Services and goods for business and for everyday life.

These are only the most basic and most popular areas. A full list of categories of available products and services can be found by looking at the site menu. Just a few mouse clicks separate you from the most modern, affordable and at the same time easy-to-use service for ordering and selling online services.


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